Sassa Asli lovely Raw Chocolate pudding!

Slipped in on the wonderful Sassa Aslis blogg where she posted her delicious



To all of you chocolate lovers out there – take notes! A regular intake of raw cocoa (also a daily intake) is more than good – especially for all of you sporty people! However, one should be beware of the processed version and rather go for the raw clean version!

5 reasons why raw cocoa is so amazing:

Cocoa can help decrease depression: Cocoa has many great benefits, but this particular is among the absolute best in my opinion. We all have a production of serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter that regulates our moods such as, aggression, anger, and sleep. Too little serotonin can cause depression and this is were raw cacao actually can help. Obviously this is very individual. It can make you feel happier and not so emotional. You can also could call it (to some degree) for nature’s own anti-depressants ”medicine”.

You can read the rest and get the receipe on herärmklipp 2015-01-26 18.18.13

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