CocoAkvo Ltd. is a health beverage company which provides the best tasting certified organic coconut water.

Coconut water is currently the fastest growing beverage category in the world and no other fast moving consumer goods product is growing as rapidly.

 During the past three years, the UK, US and World compound annual growth rates for coconut water consumption have been more than 100%, 60% and 20%, respectively, and it has become a billion dollar industry. CocoAkvo’s vision is to become the global market leader for organic coconut water.

The CocoAkvo head office is located in Mauritius and the company is founded and managed by highly qualified European executives and entrepreneurs with extensive experience. CocoAkvo’s Principal Advisor, Nils Helander, has more than twenty years experience as a manufacturing executive in the FMCG industry working worldwide for Unilever, Haribo and Nestlé.

While most coconut water producers are selling non-organic coconut water – sometimes made from concentrates – CocoAkvo offers the real deal with its certified organic(Ecological) coconut water with no added sugars expects to not only benefit from the aggressive growth in the coconut water market but also the steady trend of consumers increasingly moving to organic food and beverage products.

CocoAkvo’s target market consists of fourteen European countries covering more than 100,000 selected points of sales. Recently CocoAkvo has started the rollout in Sweden.

The general reception which CocoAkvo is experiencing from decision makers in purchasing in both the retail and wholesale trade has been extremely positive due to factors such as taste, packaging, marketing strategy and the fact that it is organic.

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