Non-GMO Product

Non-GMO Product

100% Ecologic

100% Natural

100% Natural

No sugar or other sweeteners added

Sealed at source

Sealed at source

4 Hours From the Tree to Finished Product!

Join the Coconut Water revolution!!

CocoAkvo is the only Organic CocoNut Water with no sugar added. CocoAkvo is passionate about creating and delivering a Organic coconut water with no added sugar which focuses on quality and well being. CocoAkvo aims to create great tasting healthy natural coconut water which you can enjoy any time! No Sugar added and making it Organic is a big part of this.

Why is CocoNut Water the best summer hydration drink? Well CocoAkvo is 100 % natural and organic- for real!* *CocoAkvo has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and CocoAkvo is made of organic coconut water, not juice or concentrate.

CocoAkvo’s Pure Organic Coconut Water is derived straight from the tree. The coconuts are harvested at local agricultural cooperatives and packaged at source.

Our coconut water is loaded with electrolytes, includingpotassium. CocoAkvo can be everything from an ultimate hydration drink which helps digestion, skin tone and regulating blood pressure.

Unique Key Features and Benefits

Why Ecological / Organic and Fair Trade?

We are very proud that the CocoAkvo Coconut Water has both EU and USDA Organic certification. The organic stamp guarantees non-pesticide and non-GMO.

Being Fair Trade, we are ensuring the growers gets a fair deal, as well as participating in development of the local community where we source our products.



100% Pure Ekological Coconut Water

No Additives

Absolutely no added sugar or artificiell sweeteners

Healthy for your heart

Low in calories and naturally Low Fat

Real Coconut Water

Not a ``CocoNut Juice`` or made from concentrate

Allergic? No problem!

Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Dairy Free

Perfect Hydration

Cocoakvo is a natural source of electrolytes - including potassium - and therefore a natural source of hydration

Fair Trade Certified

We are committed to community developments and ensuring our producers get a better deal.


CocoAkvo Flavours

We are always monitoring the taste trends with the purpose of creating limited edition and classic flavours.



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